I Got Vocaloided

I did not really like that Vocaloid stuff… I barely knew what it was about…
Until… I got the PS3 and a friend of mine told me about the demo of “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F”.

I downloaded it for fun… I started to like it. I heard my friend bought the game and imported it from Japan, so I went to check where I could get it for a nice price as well (as I didn’t want to wait until the American version would hit the market)… and now I have it since last Thursday. In Japanese of course.

Fun thing is… I didn’t know I need to set the settings for auto-save… so when I started on Friday and wanted to go on at Saturday – I lost all of my progress. Haha. I started all over again and finally achieved every song on Excellent in category Easy on Sunday night. DIdn’t play since then, but… I will definitely cosplay Vocaloid next year. Seriously 😀 (not gonna tell who, yet)

So right after my conventions this year I probably will start working on new cosplay 🙂
And until then I’ll play and play and play and play and play and…


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