My Next Cosplays At Conventions

The season is halfway over and I am working on my project – originally planned – for September.

Well, as I made some new friends and went to AnimeCon in Den Haag with them… we came up with that idea we could go to Abunai! in Veldhofen.
As I got all materials for my cosplay project of 2013 and finally finished Bilu (wore it complete in Den Haag) I will try to get it ready by end of August :3 (I also have a quite good idea for next year’s project, too)

I really look forward to it~

So I will wear following cosplays:
Abunai! – Legretta (as I think I will finish it in time)
Connichi – Bilu & Legretta

BTW as I forgot to post pictures here – a picture of my complete Bilu – picture taken by the nice (and tired) photographer of NoZLan:
My Next Cosplays At Conventions

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