Collection: Tales of Series

I am quite active on eBay and a game shop near my place lately. Actually because of the shop my old “Tales” fever got me again… this time worse then ever before and now I can’t resist anymore…

So I am now on conquering all of the games – despite of having the console or not – well, at least I own:
a silver NDSLite (I think my turquoise Game Boy Color is here somewhere as well… or at my mom’s place like my old Game Boy)
a black PS2 PAL first generation,
a black Wii PAL first generation,
a black 500GB slim PS3 2013,
a silver slim PS2 NTSC-US,
a black slim PS2 PAL (which I bought today to find out if my first one is broken or 4 of my games need to be fixed)
and soon a black slim PS2 NTSC-J

To play all of the owned, ordered and soon-to-be ordered games I would need: a XBOX 360 PAL, a Nintendo Game Cube or Wii NTSC-US, a PSVita NTSC and a PSP PAL/NTSC. Haha~ It doesn’t really matter if I can play all of the games (my addiction does not go THAT far…. yet), I just want to own them (for now).

Here a picture of my conquest:

Collection: Tales of Series

and the list of already ordered ones (which should arrive anytime in July/August):
Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts CG
Tales of the Tempest
Tales of Innocence
Tales of Destiny + 2
Tales of Rebirth
Tales of Phantasia
Tales of Xillia special edition

I feel like back then when I was hunting Pokemon in the games… Gotta catch ’em all~


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