Dentist Appointment

Dutch friends told me it takes several months to get a dentist appointment. Actually… nope!

I called my dentist yesterday, they asked me which dates/times I would be available, I answered “only Monday or Tuesday” and got asked if I would be free today. I was, so I went there.
The doctor is a nice Dutch who asked me where I’m from when I told him that I can understand/write Dutch, but not reply… I told him I’m German and he started talking German with me.
I was quite surprised 😀 It was fun to talk to him, too.

As for my teeth: they’re fine. My remaining 2 wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed as they’re growing or complete, but in a way that removal is not necessary.

I felt really comfortable there. Which is good, but I never had bad experiences with my dentists before, so I don’t know how that feels like 😀


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