New Addiction: Play Station 3

Haha. Not yet.
I ordered the console, I’ll have it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

But I already bought 2 games today.

1. Tales of Graces f (Day 1 Edition): I bought it used, actually I received a new condition… wow. paying 30€ for a game that’s worth double. Can’t complain. I don’t. Addictive game series for low price :3 (sad point: audio not available in Japanese Q_Q)

New Addiction: Play Station 3

2. Book of Spells: Must for Harry Potter fans like me. Seems fun – at least according to the pictures and videos I saw so far… I definitely will test it (also because I always wanted to wave magic sticks in form of some random PS3 tool *lol*). Bad side on this one: wanted used, got used, paid new price… sent a mail to customer service to sort that out as I don’t want to drop by at the shop again. Gonna see what will happen, but should turn out in my favor today or this week. I’m not worried.

And Tuesday/Wednesday when I have the new console, I’ll start playing~ yay~

Actually the console was with discount as well – haha. Usually the 500GB one costs around 250€. I found it for 249€, no shipping costs and as I have a discount voucher for 2,50€ and need to pay with my credit card (as my money from my German bank account was not transferred to my Dutch bank account yet -_- stupid weekend policies of Dutch bank) I could not order it at another shop for 245,-€+2% for credit card charges (as it would be higher than 249 after this) and rather let it deliver to a shop near where I live, so I know it’s there for sure on Tuesday/Wednesday and waiting for me to get picked up.
Sounds like I got some serious problems? 😀

I also found out that the shop I bought the games at supports a service for disc repair… I think I will try that one for some of my old PS2 games which were scratched to some person who couldn’t handle games and console properly -_-‘ I will never leave my consoles somewhere I can’t trust the people. Never ever.


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