The Neverending Tales

Of my new work place.

Haha, I would like to call it like this, but actually it wasn’t as funny as it sounds now.

Well… I got a new work place for 3 weeks now. I feel comfortable, everything’s cool. And finally I got a locker! To lock my work stuff up! Yay!
The only “problem”? It was far away from my actual seating – way back in the late shift’s room… number 409. Bleh.
A colleague of mine gave me the tip to call the reception to exchange it, I went there to ask, they told me to wait.
10 minutes later I got a new key in exchange for my first one. Now I had number 285. I was happy, it was really close to my seating in the early shift’s room. The only problem: there was stuff from another person in there.
Today (before work started) I went to the reception and talked to the receptionist (another lady) about that, she called a colleague and exchanged my key for a new one: 408. Great. Back in the late shift’s area.
She told me there might be the opportunity to get another locker as people are leaving the company or switching lockers as well…
20 minutes later she gave me a call she would have another locker for me. I went downstairs in my first break and retrieved my new key for 297.

After work I checked it: It’s empty (well it was)! Hooray!
My 4th (final) key after 3 days 😀

The Key Odyssey~

Why did it take that long?
I got my first key on Wednesday. I didn’t know where it was located.
I found out where it is on Thursday and exchanged the key. I found out Thursday after work that the new locker is full.
I went to the reception today (Friday) to check for another locker and received key #3 and could exchange that one for #4 not even 2 hours later.


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