Broken Tsuru

Training on Thursday. As usual.

My tsuru (bow string) was a bit too long and cut into the bow, which it shouldn’t do, so I redid it…
after that it was too small to fit on my bow… I redid it…
then it was too short (not healthy for the bow)… I redid it again…

I was back where I started, but did Sharei with it. After that my female teacher took over… wasn’t good, so she let one of my senpais do it (3 times).

Finally it looked good, I went to shoot and the tsuru broke. >_>

Broken Tsuru

Thank goodness I’m prepared since my last exams and have a spare, so it didn’t sound good and my male teacher redid it. Once! Fitting! Awesome!

But still… whole training time was fixing tsuru time 😀


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