Sick And Sadistic

Oh man~

What do you call a hangover after a convention? Catching a cold.

I’m sick. Stiff nose, headache, feeling tired, can’t sleep at night due to stiff nose+headache. Hooray~ Thank goodness I need to go to work earliest on Wednesday, so I can cure myself a bit until then.
And how I do that? Being sadistic to myself:

I’m lieing on my couch with my blankets, my laptop and watching TV, I took a hot shower earlier, stepped into a cold bathroom and inhaled some chamomile. After that I ate a Tuc cookie and 2 pieces of apple pie, drank green tea with honey (from Arizona) and tea which is especially for colds and put Tiger Balm onto my chest … I got lemon tea to drink, Otrivin for the stiff nose and Ibuprofen in case the headache returns.

I’m kind of suffering, feeling warm with my blankets, but kind of relaxed too.


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