Anime Con in Den Haag, NL

What a day!

I got up at 8:30am, dressed up and was picked up at 10-ish am for the trip to Anime Con in Den Haag by people I just happen to get to know last Sunday – a female Dutch (she was cosplaying Yuuko from xxxHolic) and a male Japanese (in private clothes, he was actually carrying all the cameras and things 🙂 ). At first we got in line to buy an additional ticket for the guy, directly after we got in line to store the backpacks they had with them.We took some pictures of us (before we were too tired) and went into the convention grounds to discover what’s where (and singing One Piece’s first intro while people were DDR-ing to it was really funny btw).
I was really amazed about the organization and space of the convention:

  • I was allowed to bring my weapon inside
  • I was not allowed to bring the weapon into the games room or dealer room (exception was made here as there was a photo shoot set where I could get pics with the weapon)
  • the area never felt crowded (except when we got in line for the big theater), there was always space to avoid people
  • photo/video footage wasn’t allowed in games room or theater
  • language in theater was always English

After getting in line for the drop-off of my weapon we went to eat something (was around 2pm), checked out the games room – my 2 friends were playing the new One Piece game for PS3 (in Japanese ~yay~) and after I was playing the awesome drum game with them – then went to the dealer room to check out things… another surprise for me here: prices really differ from the German market, sometimes by… a lot. Not everything of course. And most dealers were from Germany *lol* funny. Also because I spoke German to one of the dealers immediately, he gave Yuuko a discount of 4€ for one of her purchases 😀

Later on we went to retrieve my weapon, so we could go to the photoshoot area. We stood there for ages as the girl in front of us was cosplaying Kasumi (DOA) but didn’t had quite an idea of her character… the guys needed to tell her what to do and still she didn’t had any idea how to use her body in certain positions -_- I saw that a lot that day, but also really nicely done cosplay and cosplayers who know how to act their character and pose. After we got our pictures (which well be online a few days after the con is officially over) we went to give my weapon back so we could go to watch the Cosplay Competition. And actually the Japanese guy went off to shop some things while he was waiting for us to finish and used the same strategy I used earlier for a discount- with success *lol*

I was in high hopes for that as the competition in Germany is… nya (no fitting word to describe it), but actually … it’s the same in NL. Our Japanese fellow nearly fell asleep – enough said. We went to grab dinner and got back in line at the theater for the ALTIMA concert.
The concert was amazing! Simply amazing! ALTIMA has “only” 6 songs so far, they’re working on their first album and that concert was their first concert in Europe~ ❤ Even my friends who didn’t know the band before liked it ~yay~ I was really happy I could go there. Tanoshikatta!

We tried to go to karaoke after, but it was crowded, so we were sitting around and talked – I got to know Eri-Senpai from Belgium, a real nice cosplayer 🙂 We left the convention shortly after 11pm – not without taking some free “Mountain Dew” drinks (delicious stuff, looks a bit forbidden yellow in the bottle, but it’s yumyum).

In total: I was exhausted but happy, I bought some nice (cheap) stuff, I made new friends, I got lot of compliments for both my cosplay (selfmade, not machine sewed) and my weapon (made by MikonCosplay). I damaged the weapon a bit on a door when going to the convention, but thanks to the repair kit I received with it, I think I can manage 🙂 and such things happen. I’m totally happy (still) and just am feeling a bit fluffy due to a stiff nose and not much sleep (whyever I woke up at 7:30am after falling into my bed at 12:30am)

Here a pic of myself from yesterday with finished cosplay (not wearing the leg parts as they came off every 2-3 minutes haha) in front of really awesome scenery they set up for the convention:

Anime Con in Den Haag, NL



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