Trip To Japan & Tax Authorities

What do these 2 things have in common? Tax authorities will pay my trip to Japan ❤

How? I made my tax return for 2010 in last November and I just received an answer from them. They’ll refund me an amount with 4 digits *yay* Japan~ the dream coming true… as soon as I received the amount and know about my job/financial situation :3

But yay~ I’m loving this day… 2 other positive things from today:
My boss approved my holidays for the Connichi (convention in Kassel, Germany) in September and I bought Tales of Symphonia (US version) – hooray!


Dentist Appointment

Dutch friends told me it takes several months to get a dentist appointment. Actually… nope!

I called my dentist yesterday, they asked me which dates/times I would be available, I answered “only Monday or Tuesday” and got asked if I would be free today. I was, so I went there.
The doctor is a nice Dutch who asked me where I’m from when I told him that I can understand/write Dutch, but not reply… I told him I’m German and he started talking German with me.
I was quite surprised 😀 It was fun to talk to him, too.

As for my teeth: they’re fine. My remaining 2 wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed as they’re growing or complete, but in a way that removal is not necessary.

I felt really comfortable there. Which is good, but I never had bad experiences with my dentists before, so I don’t know how that feels like 😀

My New Job

My Upskill training last week was successful, my probation time is over. Hooray.

Saturday was my first day on the floor when I received calls… and what to say? It went good. More than good. Perfect. Wooh~
I just need to get used to it.

I thought I would never do anything callcenter-related in my life after specific experiences in my past, but what should I say? I feel good. The company climate is awesome, colleagues are nice, I earn money. What else do I wish for? (Well yeah, except time to play on PS3, money for travelling, etcetcetc)

Oh, and I have weekend until Wednesday~

My Mom’s Package

My mom sent me a package.

I asked her to send me some German tea (because I’m sick of the versions of “tea” I can find in the Netherlands… all kind of black tea with aroma of something-something, bleh) and green Balisto (which I don’t get here -_-).

I received the package today and it contained… tea. A massive choice of tea. And German sweets. A lot. Oh my gosh.

Check this out (and imagine how my living room smells like at the moment):

My Mom's Package

2 packs of Othello cookies,
10 bars of Milka Kuhflecken,
1 bar Balisto Yoghurt-Berry Mix (pink),
9 bars Balisto Muesli Mix (green),
2 bags of chocolate nuts,
12 different packs of tea

This is love, people. A mother’s love for her child in far away-Netherlands. ❤

New Addiction: Play Station 3

Haha. Not yet.
I ordered the console, I’ll have it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

But I already bought 2 games today.

1. Tales of Graces f (Day 1 Edition): I bought it used, actually I received a new condition… wow. paying 30€ for a game that’s worth double. Can’t complain. I don’t. Addictive game series for low price :3 (sad point: audio not available in Japanese Q_Q)

New Addiction: Play Station 3

2. Book of Spells: Must for Harry Potter fans like me. Seems fun – at least according to the pictures and videos I saw so far… I definitely will test it (also because I always wanted to wave magic sticks in form of some random PS3 tool *lol*). Bad side on this one: wanted used, got used, paid new price… sent a mail to customer service to sort that out as I don’t want to drop by at the shop again. Gonna see what will happen, but should turn out in my favor today or this week. I’m not worried.

And Tuesday/Wednesday when I have the new console, I’ll start playing~ yay~

Actually the console was with discount as well – haha. Usually the 500GB one costs around 250€. I found it for 249€, no shipping costs and as I have a discount voucher for 2,50€ and need to pay with my credit card (as my money from my German bank account was not transferred to my Dutch bank account yet -_- stupid weekend policies of Dutch bank) I could not order it at another shop for 245,-€+2% for credit card charges (as it would be higher than 249 after this) and rather let it deliver to a shop near where I live, so I know it’s there for sure on Tuesday/Wednesday and waiting for me to get picked up.
Sounds like I got some serious problems? 😀

I also found out that the shop I bought the games at supports a service for disc repair… I think I will try that one for some of my old PS2 games which were scratched to some person who couldn’t handle games and console properly -_-‘ I will never leave my consoles somewhere I can’t trust the people. Never ever.

The Neverending Tales

Of my new work place.

Haha, I would like to call it like this, but actually it wasn’t as funny as it sounds now.

Well… I got a new work place for 3 weeks now. I feel comfortable, everything’s cool. And finally I got a locker! To lock my work stuff up! Yay!
The only “problem”? It was far away from my actual seating – way back in the late shift’s room… number 409. Bleh.
A colleague of mine gave me the tip to call the reception to exchange it, I went there to ask, they told me to wait.
10 minutes later I got a new key in exchange for my first one. Now I had number 285. I was happy, it was really close to my seating in the early shift’s room. The only problem: there was stuff from another person in there.
Today (before work started) I went to the reception and talked to the receptionist (another lady) about that, she called a colleague and exchanged my key for a new one: 408. Great. Back in the late shift’s area.
She told me there might be the opportunity to get another locker as people are leaving the company or switching lockers as well…
20 minutes later she gave me a call she would have another locker for me. I went downstairs in my first break and retrieved my new key for 297.

After work I checked it: It’s empty (well it was)! Hooray!
My 4th (final) key after 3 days 😀

The Key Odyssey~

Why did it take that long?
I got my first key on Wednesday. I didn’t know where it was located.
I found out where it is on Thursday and exchanged the key. I found out Thursday after work that the new locker is full.
I went to the reception today (Friday) to check for another locker and received key #3 and could exchange that one for #4 not even 2 hours later.

Cosplay Questionnaire

There are so many questionnaires out there about cosplay…  chose to take a random one 😀

Cosplay Questionnaire

  1. What was your first cosplay? (Think hard on this) I don’t need to think hard on this one *rofl*. My first cosplay was Haruno Sakura (Naruto) in her first outfit.
  2. Did someone get you into cosplay? Or on your own? Yes, a (former) friend of mine got me into cosplay. As she was cosplaying Hatake Kakashi, she was in need of one of her students *lol*
  3. What is your favorite cosplay? I liked to wear Karura (Utawarerumono) and Medusa – Child Version (SoulEater). I’d like to do Legretta the Quick (Tales of the Abyss)
  4. Which is your least favourite? Shiva (Final Fantasy X) – it was so horrible to wear because of the wig and the paint.
  5. At conventions, do people compliment you on your cosplays? At some, they do. Not all conventions are the same and it depends actually on the people there… by a lot.
  6. How many have you done? 12 (2013 will be my 13th :p )
  7. What are the top 5 on your list of “Want to Cosplay”? Legretta the Quick (Tales of the Abyss), not any more on my list for now
  8. What female cosplay do you want to do most? Legretta the Quick >____<
  9. What male cosplay do you want to do most? None O_o’
  10. What do you prefer to do, make or buy your costumes? MAKE!
  11. Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable? Ohhhh. It was at one of my first conventions. I was there as Sakura and suddenly some people jumped at me screaming “Sakuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and “You’re so cute~”. I was confused and it felt weird, but it was funny. Another one was when I went to the Animecon 2013 in Den Haag: I was there with people I just met and we had a great time together ❤
  12. Your dream cosplay? Something with wings (prolly dark/black)… no clue. DIdn’t found anything that I liked to do yet.
  13. Is there a pattern in your cosplays? If so, what? (Things like they have a certain personality, or hair colour) Yes, there is. Hair and eye color mostly (as I wear lenses already and getting them in different colors with my strength of eyesight is exepensive… and I don’t like to wear wigs). Personality differs, but I’d say mostly strong (mentally) female characters.
  14. Your most recent cosplay? Bilu (Fashion Love) from the game Jade Dynasty
  15. What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own? On my own. I tried with groups, but usually there are issues about the cosplay or how to meet or something else… I prefer to do “my thing” and meet up with people with same interests at the convention itself, but not planning together.