My last week

My week was… long and a bit stressful.

Monday started with waking up early and a laundry marathon… usually I do 1-2 runs, but Monday was a bit excessive with 3 machine runs *ugh* my poor laundry dryer was full – first time since… ages. Well, the rest of the day I spent with skypeing with mom, friends and playing game with friends, watching anime… and that’s basically it *lol*

Tuesday started my training for my new job… it was really a lot of information… really. a. lot.

Wednesday to Friday weren’t better. Thursday I went for training (Kyudo) and we had sake and some snacks after to celebrate my birthday ~yay~ (I wasn’t drunk – it’s hard for me to get drunk with sake anyways).

Tomorrow I’ll go to the “Game of Thrones” exhibition in Amsterdam, Sunday I’ll have a barbecue (I just hope it won’t rain) and Monday starts training again with lots of information – final test will be on Thursday :/ I’m kinda scared, but if it works out I’ll need to survive 2 more weeks probiation time.


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