Disneyland Paris & My Birthday

***Pictures may follow at a later point as I didn’t checked them completely yet***

I’m back from Paris since last night and after a lot of sleep and some washing clothes and cleaning my apartment I thought it would be time to post something about my awesome holidays. *yay*

So first of all – Wednesday, 15th of May, 2013: I started the day at 8am, got ready and left my apartment at 11:15am. I went to the airport Schiphol by bus (including one transfer) and waited for my plane departure. The plane was a huge~ one… I was sitting at the window on the wing as usual. Departure was on time and time went by quite fast. I landed in Paris at 3:15pm and my first impression was… it’s damn quiet. Maybe that’s because I’m used to Schiphol’s environment, but man…
I met my friend, we bought a croissant to eat and went out for the shuttle service of the Disneyland Hotels. The bus was already there and let people in, so we were quite lucky to not wait for ages for the next one. The journey to our hotel was… long. First highway, then 2-3 other hotels before we got out at Disneyland Hotel Cheyenne. Man, what a nice hotel. Western style. \(^0^)/
We went inside, got our room, checked out the area (I took lot of pictures there) and went to eat a hot dog, which turned out to be a chicken sandwich due to the lack of hot dogs that day, in the saloon.
After that we went to the Disney Village and wanted to eat a McFlurry at the McDonalds there… but that turned out to be a Frappé due to their lack of ice cream that day. A lot of lacks that day 😀
We went back to the hotel, watched some TV until around 12am and went to bed.

Thursday, 16th of May, 2013: I slept horrible. HORRIBLE! I hate beds which use cushion framed hard mattresses. I had my alarm at 7:30am and 7:45am to be ready for breakfast at 8am. Turned out to be perfect as my friend went to the bathroom at 7:30am, I followed after my alarm rang at 7:45am. We went for breakfast, back to the room and took the bus to Disneyland. We checked out the main street, the castle, Fantasyland and Adventureland… and actually I was the one asking if we couldn’t hit the roller coaster (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril or so) a second time. I didn’t get on a roller coaster for a long time, the last one I can remember was a horrible 3 loop one in Leipzig, but this one was awesome. We saw Alice and Jack Sparrow. We had lunch (Pizza Menu *nomnom*) in Disneyland and didn’t need food in the evening, but we took another Frappé… bed time was around 12am.

Friday, 17th of May, 2013: I was deep asleep as I walked and stood around a lot the day before, so I didn’t feel the mattress as much as the night before, but my muscles where it was poking said “hello” all day long. This day we went to Paris. We took the bus to the train station as the day before and went to the ticket counter. The lady there refused to speak English, but could understand me, I refused to speak French (as I doubt my French is as good as it was when I was 15 years old), but we still got our Metro ticket to and around Paris – including a street map. We got out at the station below the L’Arc de Triomphe and walked to the Eiffel tower. We spent roughly 2 hours of waiting for elevators and around effective hour of enjoying the view. After we were back at the ground we walked to the Louvre, Notre Dame and a McDonalds to have lunch and another Frappé (addictive stuff). After that we headed back to the hotel. Bed time 12am-ish.

Saturday, 18th of May, 2013: Alarm went off at 7:45am and 8am as the breakfast time was later then the days before. My second alarm went off, I put it out, fell back into the pillow, when a friend of mine sent a message: “Happy Birthday” >_< Of course, I stood up after that (if you have some nasty rings for alarm and text messages, you wouldn’t dare to stay in bed either). I got up and got ready, while my friend prepared a small cake and my present… I blew out the candles before the fire alert went off *rofl*and we went for breakfast. It was crowded, really crowded. A guy had birthday as well and his family sang the typical song, while all other people around were watching like idiots… We took the bus to Disneyland, checked out Disney Movie Park (where we had a chicken burger menu) and Frontierland. We saw Aladdin, Yasmine, Rabbit and Tigger. We went back to the hotel when the rain didn’t cleared, I enjoyed the bath tube (yeah~ bath tube~ don’t have such a thing in my apartment) … and the most idiotic story ever took place. The cork of the bath tube didn’t get blown out when hitting the button in the bath tube (I tried that while there was no water in the tube), but could get removed bare-handed. I thought that it wouldn’t matter much… I took my bath, I tried to remove the cork. Nothing happened. My friend tried as well. Nothing. I started to remove the water with my glass (which I used for brushing my teeth) and used the trash can of the bathroom when thinking that it would take ages to use the glass… I got rid of the water in the tube (into the sink and the toilet) and could remove the cork. Hooray, water pressure. We went for the fireworks show Disney Dreams and returned to the hotel. \(^0^)/ I’m glad we saved it for my birthday. It was so cool. Bed time 12am-ish again.

Sunday, 19th of May, 2013: Day of departure. We stood up and went to breakfast – it was even worse then the day before >_< Crowded. Loud. It was rainy. We got our luggage from the room and put it into the store room, took the bus to the train station, bought the ticket for the TGV to the airport (this lady spoke English with me after I started talking) and went to Discoveryland – the last part of Disneyland we didn’t see up to that time. We went on Space Mountain: Mission 2 twice as the waiting time wasn’t as expected (usually it’s 60 minutes+, it was ~15 minutes for us). We went back to Frontierland to see if the mine car wasn’t as crowded as the days before – sadly we didn’t have luck, so we went to Adventureland’s Indiana Jones roller coaster again. We saw Winnie the poo and the Disney Bear. After we took a break and checked out some shops, got our luggage at the hotel, bought some drinks at the train station and took the train back to the airport. My friend’s plane was leaving at 6:30pm, mine was starting at 8:15pm – long time to wait and I was kinda sad to leave, but all good things come to an end – even if it’s a rainy one.


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