Shopping Tour

I was going to shop with my mom and grandma on Friday.

My mom asked me: “Do you need anything?”
I answered: “Nope and don’t forget I’m here with luggage I want to get into the plane without waiting until they loaded it on and off”
We went to a store… my mom was searching for things…. when she hold up one shirt over her head “Look what I found~”

I couldn’t resist… it was a gray shirt with Thumper (from Disney’s Bambi) on it… she found a yellow one with Bambi on it a second later. My grandma bought them for me and my mom said “See, now you got something” and I answered “Not because I NEED but WANT them”. Grandma laughed her ass off.

But yay~ I’m going to Disneyland Paris on Wednesday until Sunday and I got 2 perfect shirts for that now.


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