My Weekend Trip

Aw man, what a fantastic weekend I had.

First of all my mom and I played my grandma. It was her 75th birthday last wednesday and we didn’t tell her that I would come to visit for her birthday party on Saturday, so I was sitting at the airport Schiphol on Friday and took the plane to Nuremberg at noon.
My mom picked me up at the airport and brought me to my grandma’s place where we spent 45 minutes waiting for her as she was at her brother’s place. My mom got nervous and called her uncle, right after she hang up I heard noise at the door and sent my mom to the door to say “hi” to grandma. I jumped around the corner of the living room and surprised my grandma. A real big surprise was also that I stayed over until Saturday at her place. She was really happy. We talked and laughed a lot… and I had lots of fun with her budgie.

My Weekend Trip

Saturday my grandma made her real nice dumplings which I still love to eat (eternal love I guess), my mom and her boyfriend came over and shortly after also my cousin with her husband and child. They were surprised to see me there as well. We talked a lot while eating cake and got ready for dinner.

We had dinner at a restaurant, where my grandma’s brother and one of her cousins and their wives were already waiting and everyone was surprised to see me (as they all thought I wouldn’t come haha). It was a funny evening with good food (and real German bread) and at around 10pm we left the restaurant (they close that early -_-) and brought my grandma home before heading to my mom’s boyfriend’s place to drop him off before mom and I drove to her place. I stayed over there and ate yeast dumplings with raspberries. That was my favorite food when I was younger and my mom gladly bought them.

She brought me back to the plane and I departed with delay as the plane needed to wait until the rain clouds were gone. At least above the clouds the sight was really awesome.
My Weekend Trip
My Weekend Trip

So I was home a bit later then expected, but hey. The funny thing is: I got some cookies on the plane… on the trip to Germany they asked me if I would like to have the salty or sweet ones (I took the sweet), but on the flight back I got both 😀

My Weekend Trip




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