Wow, didn’t wrote something for a while and again this time is to get rid of some steam… hooray.

A former colleague of mine was texting me and asked me if I applied for his company a few days/weeks ago. I said yes (as it is the truth) and he asked me why I asked for so much money.
I was a bit confused what he was talking about when he told me that there were rumors in the company going around about me asking for 50k € gross/year for a position as a translator.

The real situation was: I applied for the position, I wrote what I want (which was according to friends of mine fair for my level of experience). My application got denied just a few hours later. Reason: I want too much money – the manager also mentioned what the translators actually earn at this company. When I read that number it was already clear that this wouldn’t have been a place for me for too long. I mean. Who isn’t going to get at least the same salary as in the old job, if not… getting some more? Totally normal.

I didn’t wish for much. I know the numbers for people with my kind of experience – not in the gaming industry, true that – but how can people go off to some numbers which are hilarious and totally idiotic when they never read any of the mails?
And how would it be possible that I would’ve felt comfortable in such a company that is badmouthing about me like this? Doesn’t speak that much for the company. Not at all. I’m kind of disappointed, but on the other hand I am really glad I didn’t need to move to such a place.

\\edit: OMG~ I should calm down before pressing the “submit” button and clear my text from typos and other random mistakes 😀


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