Review: Unico (The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico)

I was watching the movie Unico yesterday evening. The english title is: The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico.

The movie is about the small unicorn Unico with white fur and a red mane that possesses a special power: Everywhere Unico goes, the people will remain happy. This power is a threat to the gods and they decide to steal Unico away from his mother and bring him to the Hill of Oblivion so no one ever sees Unico again and could gain happyness without the necessary effort.
The gods order the West Wind to deliver Unico, but as the wind is a kind spirit she can’t do as she got told and leaves Unico on a misty dark island. When Unico awakes he discovers he’s far away from home and feels lonely. He starts to search for other life on the island and meets the devil of solitude statue, who freaks out when seeing the unicorn baby and throws lightning in the attempt to get rid of Unico. One of the lightnings breaks a solid stone column that smashes the statue and Unico discovers the devil’s son Beezel (which gets called Akuma-kun through the whole movie). Unico tries to befriend Akuma-kun, but he only wants to be friends when Unico gives him  his horn. Unico denies at first, afraid of losing his powers, but hands the horn to Akuma-kun for one day in exchange for the little devil to be his friend in that time. Akuma-kun shows how devils play and Unico gets afraid of the rough play and falls into the sea. Unico begs for his life, but Akuma-kun detests water and decides to take a nap, but he gets bored and decide to end the day of the exchange and dives into the water to rescue Unico. Akuma-kun returns the horn to Unico and Unico transforms into a beautiful big unicorn (so I’d say it’s a Pegacorn as it has wings and a horn) and saves Akuma-kun from drowning and also gives him his own horn.
The two of them play around and the gods find out about what happened on the island and send the Night Wind to bring Unico to the Hill of Oblivion.

Unico finds himself in a beautiful forest and hears a voice singing a nice song. He wants to find out who the singer is and lands in the basket of Chao (Katy) by accident. Chao is an abandoned kitten and wants to become a witch, but her biggest wish is to become a human girl. They float across the river in the basket and find an old house in the forest, where an old woman lives and takes care of them. Chao wishes hard to become a girl and Unico grants that wish with his powers. At first Chao helps the old lady, but then decides to idle around. Unico uses his powers again to turn her back into a kitten. Chao regrets that she wasn’t of any help for the old lady and tries to help her in her kitten form, when Unico returns her back into human form so she can be there for the old lady again. While Chao sings her song, the Danshaku (Baron De Ghost) discovers her and asks her to come to his castle the next night to sing for him. She isn’t allowed to tell anyone else and despite Unico’s warning about the forest feeling weird, she heads out to the Danshaku’s place. Unico runs to save her, but fails.

Akuma-kun, all alone on his island wants to see Unico again and asks the West Wind to take him to Unico’s place. The Night Wind follows the West Wind and tries to stop her from rushing to Unico’s side, but the West Wind escapes into the dawn where the Night Wind can’t follow.

Akuma-kun and the West Wind find Unico, who runs off to help Chao. Akuma-kun follows Unico and they discover the Danshaku’s evil side. Unico once again transforms into the winged unicorn and defeats the lord. Chao runs off to the old woman and tells her about what happened, when she gets told that Unico isn’t allowed to remain at one place for too long. Akuma-kun swears to find Unico once again as they became friends.

Conclusion: Such a sweet movie. So it’s for small children the drawings reminded me of “The Last Unicorn”. I enjoyed the movie really much. So this movie was made when I wasn’t even born, it bests a lot of other movies when it comes down to storyline and music.

Review: Unico (The Fantastic Adventures Of Unico)Directed by: Toshio Hirata
Produced by: Shintaro Tsuji
Studio: Madhouse
Release Date: 14th of March, 1981


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