Review: Brave Story

First released as a novel and manga, there’s also a movie by the name of “Brave Story”.

Mitani Wataru and his friend are playing in a building that should be destroyed soon, as there’s the rumor of a ghost in the building. While his friend runs away in fear, Wataru sees a boy in the building and follows him to discover a floating door. When his friend returns the door is gone. The next day Wataru meets the boy in school and finds out that his name is Ashikawa Mitsuru. After school he finds his dad in front of his home and hears that this parents are going to divorce. Wataru runs away upset and enters the building to find out that Mitsuru gets bullied by older pupils of his school. Mitsuru uses magic to frighten the boys and both Mitsuru and Wataru get away. Mitsuru tells Wataru about the door to another world and that he will go there to change his destiny. Wataru finds that unbelievable and returns home, where he finds his mother collapsed on the floor. Worried about his mother, Wataru decides to enter the door to another world to get his chance to change his fate by making a wish to the Goddess of Fortune.

He hears a strange voice of a girl telling him that he will get tested and finds himself in a cave, where he gets asked if he wants Happiness, Strength, Wisdom or Courage. He chooses all, the test begins and starts as a Hero Apprentice. Wataru obtains a red gem and gets send out for a journey to find the other four gems. He meets Kee Keema, a lizard of the water tribe, that brings him to the next city. Wataru sees Mitsuru and follows him, but looses his track. Instead he ends up in a circus and gets arrested for the theft of a baby dragon by the Highlanders, an organization of Justice. While his name gets cleared he agrees on finding the real culprit and obtains his second gem. He joins the Highlanders. The circus girl Meena and the baby dragon join Wataru and Kee Keema on their journey.

Wataru soon gets to know that Mitsuru destroys everything in his path to obtain the gems, but still believes that Mitsuru has a reason for doing all these bad things.
While the empires wage war against each other Wataru hears that Mitsuru will soon obtain the dark gem which seals demons into the underworld and rides on the back of the baby dragon’s father to stop him from doing something really terrible. He finds Mitsuru and tries to convince him, but Mitsuru’s mind is set on getting his parents and little sister back, so he takes the dark gem and releases the demons.
Wataru follows Mitsuru into the Tower and meets his own dark side that battles with him for the reason why he started the journey. Wataru accepts his dark self, but fails to stop Mitsuru from killing his dark self. Mitsuru dies in the arms of Wataru.
The girl with the voice he heard all along appears in front of him and tells him to wish for the death of the Goddess to obtain the title of God for himself. Wataru denies that decision and kills the bad spirit of the girl. The Goddess appears in front of him and asks him for his wish. Wataru wishes for the disappearance of the demons while being aware of that this won’t change anything in his world.

He returns to his own world, where things go better with his mom, but also finds out that a guy named Ashikawa Mitsuru isn’t known by his friend. When they enter the school he sees a familiar little girl and recognizes Mitsuru’s voice.

Conclusion: I wanted to smack Mitsuru -_- really badly. Until he died, than I was like “Q_Q NUUUUH”… the story was really nice and balanced up to the end, I also would’ve never thought the girl might end up as an ugly toad *lol* and I loved the baby dragon >_<‘ (even if I don’t like pink dragons) kewtness!

Review: Brave StoryDirected by: Koichi Chigira
Produced by: Daisuke Sekiguchi, Hiroyoshi Koiwai, Koji Kajita
Studio: Gonzo
Release Date: 8th of July, 2006


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