Prohibition Of Alcohol

Active since 15th of April, 2013 until the 20th of October, 2013 it is not allowed to consume alcohol around the apartment block (where my apartment is located in) and the park area.

It would sound funny, if the reason behind this wouldn’t be actually pretty sad:
Youngsters who use the gathering point near the block and under the train bridge to meet and consume alcohol (even the sorts they’re not allowed to consume) & drugs and then get on their scooters to drive up and down the street while screaming and laughing.
As my apartment is faced to the street I had some nights over the last 2 months when I wished there would be a selective bomb for these idiots… I never complained to someone about it, I just felt the immediate urge to bomb holes in their brains.

Yesterday after training I found a quite amusing writing that due to complaints of the people, the area is now a “no alcohol” zone. Hooray. Fascinating.
The letter also said that the police will patrol the area for people with alcohol.

The weekend will show, if this prohibition thing works out as it should.


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