Kyudo Training #2

How many posts do I have like this already? Oh yeah, WordPress told me: that’s number 2…rofl
I’m not really productive with titles about my training… obviously.

Anyhow… yesterday’s training was… intense. Really. I guess that’s due to the visit of my sensei’s senseis on Sunday and they want us to shine, not talking about sparkle. Anyhow… my muscles hurt already from doing Wii Fit Plus, but training boost my aches up by at least 30%. I still think that’s fine – I had fun and that’s what training should be about, right? (Why do I sound like a masochist…)

On a side note I had some nice talks with my senpais – one about my working future… so now I got some courage for an application I was unable to decide to apply or not apply before that talk. I really am grateful for these people as they help my mental state quite a lot.

So besides my hand postures I also need to pay attentio on my shoulders and body… weeeh~

And for the first time ever I was fixing my string on my own without any help of senpais or sensei *happy dance* However it came off – I don’t have a clue. I was shooting just fine last week and this week when unwrapping the bow… it somehow was off…tss. Sensei was looking at me like “It was little men getting it off?” … 😦 no of course it was my shooting, but it wasn’t looking like this last week >_< (who am I making excuses to?)

It was also quite fun that one of my senpais and I discovered our Tabi to be dirty last week and said we would wash them… and still didn’t do it. *roflmao* (well, mine are drying at the moment)

Next training session: Sunday, 10am. Special training at 2pm. Hooray~ hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures  (but not to put them online) as I’m allowed to bring my camera with me… maybe this time some new pictures of myself.


4 thoughts on “Kyudo Training #2

  1. Dear Sir,

    Perhaps you can help me.
    Where can I follow Kyudo in Heemstede-Aerdenhout? I live there but I don’t know where they practice?

    • Hi there, first thing: I’m a woman 😀 but no worries, i don’t take any offense.
      There are several Dojos in the Netherlands, the closest from Heemstede-A. (hey, that’s also close-by from where I live haha) are either Vijfhuizen (my former club: Michi no Kai) or Leiden (Mushin).
      You can find their addresses on this website:
      Although these are different clubs, they all know each other and welcome new members with open arms and hearts – just let them know if you will drop by for a training to watch if you want to do it – Good luck 🙂

      • Dear Shichika,
        Thanks you, in the meantime I am back in the netherlands and will go to Mushin in Leiden and perhaps meeting Jimmy Fredriksz.
        Thanks again and perhaps we will meet once too!

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