Review: Gyo (OVA)

Gyo the OVA is different from the original manga version, so readers will find this review disturbing – that’s not my fault, but the maker reversed the roles of the main characters.

Kaori and her two friends Aki and Erika celebrate their graduation of university on some island of Japan, while Kaori’s fiancee Tadashi staid behind in Tokyo. The girls, enthusiastic about their holidays, get back to their summer house one night and smell a horrible stench that reminds them of something rotting away – especially Kaori who has a sensitive nose complains about the smell that reminds her of dead flesh. A small creature freaks them out and Kaori kills it to find out it’s a dead fish with metal legs attached to it, puts it into a bag and throws it into the trash bin. While her fiancee calls her she doesn’t see that the bag fills itself with gas and floats away. Kaori tells Tadashi about the weird fish and he promises to ask his uncle Koyanagi, who is a known scientist about it.

The next day two guys who met the girls before hook up with Erika, when a shark with legs bursts through the window, attacking Erika and the two guys. The guys and girls panic, Erika gets hurt by one of the shark’s legs in the process. More of the walking fish enter the island and as a call with Tadashi gets interrupted, Kaori wants to fly back to Tokyo as soon as possible, leaving behind Erika and Aki. She meets Shirakawa on the plane, who has an interest in following Kaori to get to Tadashi for his work. The plane crashes in the middle of walking fish and both run for the train to get inside the city.

Meanwhile Aki finds out that Erika got infected by the shark and changes to a disgusting, smelly and inflated being. She tries to run away and gets stung by a smaller fish herself. Aki runs away from the house while leaving Erika behind.

The trains in Tokyo stop moving as well and Kaori and Shirakawa escape the train’s accident to find themselves engaged with the fish on the street – Kaori and Shirakawa both get stung. They find their way to Koyanagi’s house and discover that Koyanagi used his own arm as a sample to find the mystery behind the walking fish and their smell. Kaori and Shirakawa watch a video of Koyanagi explaining what might be the source of the problem, when they see Tadashi collapsing. They run into the basement and find Tadashi on a walker made by Koyagani.

Aki finds herself on a street when the dead fish implode, leaving the walkers behind. She sees Erika spreading more of the foul smell, stumbling onto one of the walkers which immediately gets activated and carries her around. Aki turns into the same being as Erika.

Koyanagi, himself being stung by Tadashi in his attempt to flee from the house, barricades himself in his hangar. Shirakawa promises to look after Kaori and looses sight of her, when he hears circus music. In the circus he sees the gas as a living being, which can’t be taped on video. Tadashi is an attraction of the circus. When Kaori enters the circus, Tadashi runs away yet again and gets attacked by other walkers. He tries to reach out for Kaori, she reaches out as well, but they get separated by the walkers. Shirakawa and Kaori flee from the walkers and find a way to escape. Shirakawa gets Kaori into a boat and tells her to leave alone as he was infected as well. Kaori denies to get his USB stick with his data and drives away from Japan. One of the shipmen talks to her onboard about the horrible stench that fills the air – Kaori responds that she’s already used to it.

Conclusion: Creepy, but good story. I had nightmares about walking fish tonight >_< wasn’t such a good idea to watch it directly before going to sleep…

Directed by: Takayuki Hirao
Released: 15th of February, 2012


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