My Day & (Pseudo) Healthy Food

Today was the 5th anniversary of a Japanese shop in Amsterdam and – of course – I dropped by…
I met a friend of mine at Amsterdam Centraal – a bit later as we were meant to meet as my train decided to wait for passengers of the next train which wouldn’t come… bleh – and dropped by at the shop Roppongi to celebrate (well, more or less to eat free food).

The owner recognized me and I had a funny conversation (I think)… we drank some Maccha Latte *__* and ate sushi

My Day & (Pseudo) Healthy Food

before trying taiyaki. I never ate taiyaki up to today… but it’s so delicious~

My Day & (Pseudo) Healthy FoodMy Day & (Pseudo) Healthy Food (mine with Anko = red bean paste)

After a bit of shopping stuff in the shop we went to some other shop and then dropped by at Burger King… where I got myself a Kid’s Meal (just because of my addiction for MLP) and Hot Blondie with ice cream … that was actually a down side of the so far perfect day as the personal messed up our orders -_-
Nonetheless… I got Twilight *___*

My Day & (Pseudo) Healthy Food

and I had a nice afternoon thanks to my friend 🙂
(and really healthy food *coughs* – even if I will eat my Kid’s Meal later today, but still: pseudo healthy… chicken nuggets, salad, orange juice)


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