Review: Vassalord (OVA)

I found this OVA by scrolling through my search websites and found the title quite appealing, so I watched it.

The OVA is based on the mangas (7 volumes, which got published by Tokyopop for the US market) and follows the story of the vampires Charles J. Chrishunds (Charly) and Johnny Rayflo.

Charly is a cyborg vampire mix and vampire hunter for the Vatican, while his master Johnny who is said to be the progenitor of vampires, enjoys a lustrous lifestyle. The OVA starts with a fight between the two, revealing that even if Charly is a vampire, he only drinks his master’s blood. Charly aims to be a priest and for his new job he needs Johnny as food supply and drags him along while Johnny isn’t able to move due to blood loss.
The new job is stated as an exchange of Johnny Rayflo for a second generation vampire girl.
Charly and Johnny decide to meet the person behind the exchange: Princess Marie.
The young vampire girl killed everyone at the meeting point and demands to kill Charly as she wants Johnny for herself.
Johnny reminds her of the situation 500 years ago and their promise to not kill anyone recklessly for the sake of their existence. Marie waited ages in a deep sleep for him to recover her, but he never came, so she decides to use force against him.
Charly wants to stop Johnny from switching sides, when Marie attacks Charly and Johnny and Johnny protects Charly from Marie, who gets serious in her attempt to kill Charly.
Marie defeats Charly, Johnny feeds him with his blood to bring him back to life and both fight against each other while Marie watches.
Johnny gets defeated and the rising sun burns Johnny and Marie to ashes.
Charly cries out for his loss when he discovers a small bat in his hands.
Seven days later he gets offered a job as a priest which he declines due to his lack of training to purify the evil ones of his kind. The father priest asks him if he didn’t found anything in the ashes, which he declines. Charly gets back to his room where he finds the revived Johnny.

Conclusion: I found the OVA quite amusing. I never read the manga and probably will not do so now, but it was quite a refreshing (that sounds awkward) vampire story.

Director, Chief Animation Director: Kazuto Nakazawa
Effects Animation Director: Shuichi Kaneko
Character Design: Nariyuki Takahashi
Release Date: 15th of March, 2013


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