Avatar Changes For Support

Another Facebook topic.
Lately it seems to be “in” to change avatar’s for supporting <insert something here>.

First it was some “against animal abuse”, which got followed by the green avatar for “no to work abuse” (that was in the news for quite a while since the movie “Life of Pi” got revealed) and now it’s a red/old rose avatar for “accept/allow gay marriage”.

I don’t mind, if less than a 1/4 of my contacts change their avatars to support something they believe would make a better world, but did anyone stop to think about: The world doesn’t changes because you change your avatar.

When I was younger, the news was stuffed with people went on demo here, there were riots there… people went outside – as they didn’t had any other choice – and raised their voices to be heard by politicians and companies.
Of course there were side effects, such as people getting hurt and killed – I don’t say that this is good, but at least people didn’t hide behind their screens, clicking twice to change their avatar and thought “Oh good, the world’s going to be better now”.

I joined Facebook in 2010. Back then it was quite “in” to sign petitions as the world of internet allowed people to sign them online without any need to leave the house. Even if it didn’t had as much effect as the usual demonstrations did, the officials were busy with going through petition after petition. So most of them didn’t made any change, but people felt better after putting their name or anonymous below a certain petition.

So now we’re at the point to change avatars and lean back… while politicians are crazed when someone does goes outside to demonstrate against whatever they think isn’t right.
The world got lazy. We want to have rights and we want to have them ASAP, but on the other hand we are too lazy to think about the pros and cons and only click twice to change an avatar, which no one but a handful of people will see.

I wish some people would have the brains to see, that if we want something to change, we should do it the old way: Get off your ass, turn off the computer and go outside with a selfmade banner!


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