Work Agency’s Website

As I was at that (kind of useless) meeting on Thursday, I checked out the website today – as I need to work with it anyways.

Because I did so, that the deadline for entering my proof of “I looked for work” runs out today… ehm… *coughs*
Obviously – and that I didn’t know – the time ran from the 25th of Feb (the date I registered) up to today. When I was still employed. Well, whatever.

I filled out the stuff and have 6/4 – more than they want *yay*

As I already was on it, I filled out my CV data, uploaded both my CVs in English and German, corrected some data and now I can say: I love the Netherlands for such an easy system.
The system is bound to the system, which means: all base data is already in and can be looked up by anyone at the work agency. I just added some other information, so it doesn’t looks as plain as it did and that was all.

Amount of time: 10 minutes.

There’s a second page for basic information (such as FAQ, etc), so I know by now:

I got registered on 25th of February (which I know as I did it *lol*)
My first day of unemployment was on 20th of March (nothing new too)
By the 14th of April there’ll be a decision made about money and such – I’ll get a letter
By the 17th of April I’ll receive money for the first time – if I don’t have work by then

The last 2 points were concerning me, because of that weird “standard” letter I received two weeks ago. I called the agency as I was wondering what it means “they may not be able to decide if I get money and may need time until the 15th of May for a final decision”… hopefully it won’t take that long 😀

Woot woot.

In Germany I would’ve been in need of 2 appointments, an annoying hour online and immense loss of brain cells to find out the online system is useless. Here it isn’t, it also makes sense. Even if it is completely in Dutch, as long I can read it, it’s not a big deal.

In general, I feel confident about the system. It’s not made to bring people to annoying appointments that don’t have any outcome and if things go well, I might have a job soon, anyways *crossing fingers*


2 thoughts on “Work Agency’s Website

  1. Good to know that at least systems in other countries work… German system way to complex and everybody wants to sit next to the driver… if you catch my drift…

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