Appointment At Work Agency

Today was the first appointment I had at the work agency and I can’t say more than: useless.

First of all it was a mass appointment, means 30 people in a room which accustics was rubbish and 2 people telling us what we need to do and what we can expect… especially the male one was talking mostly to the projector… I wanted to scream “TALK TO US, NOOB!”
Of course it was only Dutch, which I didn’t mind much as I understood what they were talking about, but.

Seriously. I nearly started headdesking myself, when one of the 30-40 year old guys asked “Companies post on social media… What is social media?” No comment.

In the end I wasted 1 hour of my time… especially ~15 minutes wasted, because people had questions which didn’t made sense at all… with only 2 information that were important as the rest was the usual bla I know from Germany. Wow.


2 thoughts on “Appointment At Work Agency

    • Haha, yeah I’m quite fed up with German systems, so I think I wouldn’t mind moving back for a job 🙂 As for translation – I think Gaming texts are software, so yeah.

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