Some Cosplayers Craze Me

I thought I heard everything about stupid kids already, but appearantly… I never learn that I’ll never stop to learn.

By the way – this is my 100th blog entry – yay, banzai.

Despite the fact that I think Furries aren’t cosplay … I’ll ignore it for the following story.

A friend of mine got asked (via Facebook) what he will cosplay for the next convention. He answered and as the convention will start on Thursday and last until Sunday, it’ll be cold – obviously (as it’s snowing in Germany).
So the friend of my friend went on with “It’ll be so cold and I want to cosplay either half-furry or Chibi Moon”
until I wrote: “Wear stockings and a long coat outside. The hall itself is warm – what’s the big deal?”
As the person didn’t had a reason to get attention anymore (because of a logical statement), she went on with “But the open-air ground is not heated”.
My answer was: “Then you either wear something to keep yourself warm or you endure the 5 minutes for photos outside” …. no answer for 7 hours and than the ultimate bullshit excuse: “But I have a cold since 3 weeks ago” – I want to headdesk that kid!
My answer was a pretty one: “You should visit a doc and not a convention”
and the person answered “I’ve been there a few times”.
I didn’t answer on that anymore, as there’s no use to talk to vacuum.
(Maybe I already answered a bit too often 😛 although I personally never heard of a cold that lasts 3 weeks… I had something with cold symptoms before, but that was a bacterial infection in my lungs and I got antibiotics to get rid of it in less than that time. For everything else I swear on Tiger Balm and tea.)

What’s going on with the “new” cosplay generation?
I am a cosplayer for 9 years by now – I still am in the process of learning (e.g. sewing with a sewing machine) as I am not a perfect being and I still don’t take it for granted, when people praise me or want to take my picture.
But I never posted on Facebook that I’m afraid of the cold weather (QQ/attention whore alert) and never went to a convention, when being sick – especially not, when I’m sick for 3 weeks before the convention.
Where’s the point in going to a convention, when you’re sick, infecting lot of other people and can’t enjoy your time?

Actually I don’t want to know how people (which cry over cold weather and being sick) will react, when a photographer tells them to sit on a cold stone for a minute to take a picture. Hell will break loose?
I can just wonder about this… as I will never know myself.

In the end I’ll wait for next week’s statement: I went to the convention and now my cold got worse and I’m sick with nephritis.
Seriously: Why are some people so dumb?


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