Right Or Wrong

Sometimes the decision seems hard. And mostly it doesn’t, but is.

Today this is not about me or my decisions… but my thoughts about a popular topic in Germany.
The “Echo” is one of the most famous music prices in Germany and as the nominees are public there are a lot of talks about the “Echo” and the nominees.

The nominees are decided by selling numbers – nothing else.
So it happened now that one of the bands nominated doesn’t seems “normal”, but has – at least – a brown past. In Germany that is still (or again) a difficult topic and 2 of the nominees told their fans via Facebook that they do not wish to be nominated with such a band.

Statement “Kraftclub”: “Wir haben unsere Plattenfirma gebeten, dafür zu sorgen, daß unsere Nominierung für den Echo in der Kategorie “Rock/Alternativ National” zurückgezogen wird. Wir möchten nicht weiter in einer solchen Reihe genannt werden. Obwohl wir uns gefreut haben zusammen mit Mia., Die Toten Hosen, Unheilig, und Die Ärzte nominiert gewesen zu sein. Schade um die schöne Aftershowparty…”

Statement “MIA.”: “Hallo Zusammen, wir waren den ganzen Tag auf Promo-Reise und kommen erst jetzt dazu, Euch folgendes mitzuteilen: Wir haben uns heute sehr, aber leider auch nur sehr kurz über unsere ECHO-Nominierung gefreut, da unter den aktuell Nominierten mit Frei.Wild eine Band genannt wird, deren Weltbild wir zum Kotzen finden. Es mag nicht in unserer Hand liegen, welche Künstler für einen Echo nominiert werden, aber es liegt in unserer Hand, von unserer Nominierung dankend Abstand zu nehmen. Eure MIA.s”

Now the company behind the “Echo” decided to kick “Frei.Wild” out of the competition (against the competition’s rules) and, of course, the band reacted on that… blaming the 2 bands that “forced” this decision to be “afraid of losing” anyways.

While I doubt that bands would be afraid of losing to another band (else they wouldn’t want to participate in any competitions at all *lol*) or even need to threat anyone to decide in their favor (which wasn’t the case anyways) – I find it critical for a band to rampage against a decision of a company, which doesn’t necessarily needs to talk with the bands about what they think about the topic nor do they need to decide in favor of any band, but the competition’s interest.

In the end it results in one thing:
A band that should be an example for young people now abuses their Facebook page for spreading riot and insults.

As for this I’m glad they’re suspended from the competition – on the other hand I’m a bit afraid of the shitstorm towards the “Echo” and the 2 bands “Kraftclub” and “MIA.”, which wanted to withdraw their nomination from exactly what will happen now.
Not to say that a band has now even more attention than it actually should have *sighs* despite of having brown song texts or not – it is enough that official Neo Nazis are protecting them, while the band itself does not a thing against it. Conflictive? Yes, indeed.

I’ll wait until the “Echo” and just hope, the 21st of March, 2013, will pass by without any fan rioting at the show in hope of giving the band a better image.


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