Shopping Results

Don’t ever let me go out of my apartment when I am on holidays, because I’ll burn money.

Yesterday I went to shop in Haarlem and bought a pair of shoes for my new cosplay and one of the new Battle Packs for Skylanders: Giants.

Shopping Results

Today I went to Amsterdam to let my hair cut and went to shop for a silver necklace and some Japanese stuff for tomorrow’s training (guess, what it is~),

Shopping Results

as well as a cute bento box.

Shopping Results

In total I spent 175,89 € in 2 days *blargh* and didn’t even got the clothes I saw online (and as the shop is too stupid to correct their tool for addresses so it accepts mine I can’t buy them online).

Before I forget about it: Igot the 3rd plush dog (Papillon):

Shopping Results

I also ordered some Ramune *yumyumyum* (which I didn’t paid yet as the order isn’t through the order system).
So despite of spending a lot of money, I’m happy 😀

Tomorrow will be boring as I start to clean my apartment (got too much time with nothing to do now anyways), but I’m really looking forward to training – even if I’ll get an earful about my written exams of Sunday.


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