Kiba Sheds

As i remembered I didn’t fed Kiba since last Wednesday I thought it might be time for it. I got the mouse out of the freezer into a bowl with hot water to defreeze it and waited. After the mouse was ready I got it out and put it onto a tissue as usual, cleaned my hands with desinfection fluid and opened the terrarium.

I took off the snake cave… no snake.
I took of the snake stone, snake dropped to the bottom, looking around with milky eyes and rapid tongue movement like: “O_O what happened?”
After I got the stone to the side I saw the dark skin and milky eyes and felt like “oh crap”… but was too late, had the mouse in edible state and well.
I got Kiba out and put him on my arm where he wrapped himself, tasting the air with his tongue to know what’s going on.

For people who don’t know: Snakes which are shedding don’t eat and barely get out of their safe place – shedding is a process that costs a lot of energy.

I put Kiba into the box to get his actual weight, put him into his feeding box and offered him the mouse. He took a bit longer than usual as he can’t see much and needs to get information through smell, but bit the mouse after 30 seconds and I could leave him to clean his water bowl.

After he finished I got him out of the box, he wrapped himself around my arm again and I got his head into the terrarium and let him find his way back in as usual. He took quite a time through the terrarium, just as telling me “usually you take pictures, why not now?” – I went to take my camera and he gave me some nice shots…

Kiba Sheds

After 5 minutes he crawled to his snake cave and dug himself below it to get inside, but left his tail out…

Kiba Sheds

Seriously this snake is so cute and funny 😀



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