I had my gastroscopy today. No results yet, as they’ll send a sample into the lab and I’ll get the result in 7-10 days at my house doc. The only thing I know for certain: no inflammation, but the muscle at the stomach entrance is a bit loose (which is not severe and explains the reflux).

For all those who don’t know what happens during a gastroscopy:

First you need to decide which method you want to use – be aware of what happens (easiest method) or go to sleep for 2-3 hours. I made that decision 2 weeks ago and chose the first method.
Second you are not allowed to eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours.

I didn’t went to sleep, but got numbed locally.
With this method you get a small cup of medicine to drink to make it easier for the flexible tube to go through the esophagus (that tastes like medicine for coughing – a bit alcoholic and bitter – I like that taste actually :P).
After you swallowed it, they’ll spray anesthetic into your throat which you need to swallow as well (with your head put back, so it reaches the back of your throat) – this will numb your throat and the reflex of swallowing, feels awkward, but it’s necessary to not choke up the flex tube. Also you get advised to breath slowly through the whole procedure of the gastroscopy.

After 5 minutes the doctor can start the procedure. You need to lie down on your side (in my case: left side), get a plastic thing in your mouth that holds the mouth open (and you can bite it if you want/need to), so the doctor can enter with the flex tube and also secures it from getting chewed on by the patient.
I guarantee that you want to choke up the flex tube, but as you’re numb, you can’t – the feeling is uncomfortable. When the top of the tube passed the throat it gets better, but worse when the tube enters your stomach. You may feel the tube entering the stomach area – I refluxed acid at that moment.
When the doctor is at the entrance of the small intestine, he will pull the tube back slowly (and maybe take a part of your stomach to send it to the lab) to check the stomach and esophagus for any weird things (such as abscesses) and inflammations.

The whole procedure doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

I cried (without bing aware of it) while the gastroscopy was in process – not because it hurt, but because it was so difficult to breath normal and slow, while trying to get rid of the feeling of the tube going down to my stomach. I coughed a few times while the flex tube was on its way down to my stomach, which seems to be usual (but at the same time they told me to breath, so maybe that’s related somehow).
But: Nothing I’ll repeat soon 🙂


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