Kyudo Exams 3rd Kyu

Today on the 3rd of March, 2013, I had my exams for the 3rd kyu (a lot of 3…).

Well, from the start:
I got picked up at 9 am from 2 of my senpais, we went to the dojo where I got dressed. After warming up we had the greeting ceremony, after that my sensei and another shot ceremonical and the exams started.

We were 14 people taking exams.
I was 3rd in line for 3rd kyu (#8) and omai for the 2nd sharei.
My first arrow went well, I didn’t hit, but the 2nd shot was already feeling wrong when I positioned my right hand on the string. When I tried to pull the arrow and bow I felt my right shoulder blocking and therefore the 2nd shot was totally awkward. As result the arrow was like a fish in the water, wabbling around and hit the sand (thank goodness not the grass) below the mato.

I went to retrieve the arrows of me and my partner and saw, that if the second arrow would’ve been a bit higher, it would’ve hit *dang* but maybe it was good that it didn’t hit as the technique totally sucked.

After everyone was through we went for the written exams. The questions were.. unexpected and not what I studied. Argh~
I knew the answers for 2-3 questions, guessed for most of the others and didn’t answer 2 questions. Ugh.
I felt that I failed. I came outside to see another additionally 2 senpais with my other 2 senpais and felt really bad.
I said: “Either I fail or I pass and fail my prediction”
I ate something and went inside of the dojo to put away my arrows and bow.
After a while of waiting and small talks our senseis came back and announced the results.

I passed! 1 of the 3 out of 5 for 3rd kyu that passed. Omg.
I talked to my sensei after the official closing and he asked me “What was wrong with you in the written exams?” and I answered “I know what I studied, but appearantly the questions were different.”

Passed is passed, it’s time for sake on Thursday~
And I’ll never forget the 3-3-13 when I received my 3rd kyu. *lol*


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