When Talking To A Guy

Don’t make the same mistakes as I do – especially if you know he’s interested in you and you don’t have ANY inch of feelings for him.

At the gamescom 2010 I met a guy. We chatted, got along, so we exchanged Skype accounts to chat. Later we were chatting on Facebook.
Everything was fine… until I found out that he’s weird… in a way or another.
I never had much contact with that male, but when I had, the chats were… getting even more weird.
The pinnacle of weirdness got reached last year when the gamescom 2012 was held and he put up a lock on that specific bridge in Cologne where couples usually put a lock together (!) and promise eternal love (!!!) – find the mistake.

That creeped me out. And I deleted him from my FB list and blocked him on Skype.

Some months later I calmed down a bit… and de-blocked him without adding him back on FB. Due to my stealth mode in Skype he never was able to see me, so the contact was not existing.
Until today…
He saw me online and chatted me up – of course I don’t mind chatting with people, so I answered… but at some point… he gave me the creeps again.

First it was about visiting me, than he made a joke which was inappropriate (seriously guys, you DO NOT talk about the female genitals of the female you’re talking to!) and than went on with that cosplay girls mostly would cosplay men and when I felt offended by that, he asked me if I would be sane…
I made a harsh statement telling him that I do not need him (who barely knows me) to judge me when he doesn’t knows me at all and wanted to block him again, when he already deleted me from his list. Deleted him, too, end of topic.

seriously. What the hell? Why is it that most guys do not get that a female does not has any interest in their (guy’s) slut talk? And why is it always when I try to be serious (yes, hard enough *lol* guess why) guys can’t take it serious, but instead go on a rampage?! Oh yeah, it’s hard to believe that you do not know someone after 30 minutes of talk at a convention and some chats, but hey, is it that strange?

as an advise: If a guy (that you know is in love with you and you don’t feel like going out with him) creeps you out: You should run. Or hide. Or block/delete him.


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