Dog Power

I love plush things… especially if I can get them not only by “go into a store and buy them”.
My new little 2 cuties are from my grocery store. Not because I just bought them, but with a bit of effort.

The shop I usually visit for buying groceries has a promo running at the moment (until the 16th of March, I think) – in co-op with a charity something… can’t remember.
For every 10 € you get 1 “Spaarzegel”, every week there’ll be some products on sale that earn additional 1-2 “Spaarzegel”.
You need a card with 12 “Spaarzegels” (you get 2 as a gift: 1 from the shop and 1 from the charity, so you need 10 additionally) and 3,99 € to receive a dog (which is usually 9,99 €).
There are 6 different dog plushies: Basset, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatian, Papillon, Pug dog.

I started gathering and I had 9 seals, when I went to shop groceries last Saturday. The family in front of me doesn’t collect them, so I got asked if I want them – I was so happy. There were a lot of seals they could’ve gotten and I took 2 additional cards home with the seals of the family and my own… I could fill my first card and an additional card… the 3rd card was missing one seal to be full.

I went to shop today and to get my first 2 dog plushies. I also retrieved the missing seal for my 3rd one *yay* which I will pick up the next time I need to shop for groceries (maybe Monday or so). I got a Bulldog and a Cocker Spaniel:

Dog Power


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