Being Sick

….sucks. Everyone knows this.

I am sick since November. Kind of.
It started with heart burn, I felt like crap, puked up acid and went to the doc. I got medicine for 4 weeks.
I felt better 4 days after starting the medication and even when I was out of the medic by the beginning of January, but 5 days after the heart burn returned and stayed for over 24 hours – I wasn’t able to sleep well, went back to the doctor and got back on the medication.
2 weeks everything went well, but after that the symptoms returned and I felt stomach pain as well.
I tried to get rid of that with warmth and massages, it helped a bit.
The stomach pain got worse when I got off the medication, the heart burn was gone (finally), but now I had pressure in my throat and above my stomach area. I went back to the doc, got the medicine again and he sent me to a specialist in the local hospital. I’ll have my first appointment on Tuesday, the second on Tuesday in 2 weeks.

For all who don’t want to read disgusting things: YOU SHOULD STOP READING HERE!

I felt fine… until Friday. Hell broke loose. I couldn’t sleep well, I was sweating, woke up a lot. In the morning I had a headache, my neck hurt and my stomach felt like a jumping ball. I took an Ibuprofen (medicine for pain) went to work, but also told the person in charge of me about it. He told me to go home to rest. I withstood the pain for 1 hour and 40 minutes and went home where I immediately spent 15 minutes on the toilet with diarrhea. After that I went on my sofa, trying to rest and watching Tv for the rest of the day. I drank a lot of tea, ate white bread and was running to the toilet nearly once per hour.

After a horrible night (of going to the toilet 4-5 times) and sweating a lot again, I discovered that I wasn’t only having fluid but yellow (non-smelly) poop. *Yumyumyum* So I googled a bit (silly stuff to do when you’re sick, but nonetheless I do it sometimes to be aware of what I could have and how to get rid of it) and than finally checked something I should’ve checked already the day before – my medicine’s description. There I found it:

Vaak voorkomende bijwerkingen […] Maagdarmproblemen; diarree, maagpijn, verstopping, winderigheid (flatulentie)

Vaak means 1 person out of between 10 and 100.
Stomach/guts Problems, diarrhea, stomach pain, costiveness, flatulence. A hit for all of these in the last 2-3 weeks, especially the last 2 days. Lucky me?

Yesterday night I didn’t took the medicine. I slept so-so, running out 4 times, sweating. I went shopping groceries and bought a bottle of cola (which doesn’t gets near my usual things to buy normally). I went to the toilet when I came back from the shopping and drank a glass of cola. Luckily for now I didn’t need to visit the toilet for ~2 hours, which is amazing.

Why cola? Because it’s one of the secrets of house medicine. If you don’t have yoghurt or medicine to disrupt the guts activity you go for… bananas and cola. I have both things now and hopefully I’ll get rid of the nasty yellow fluid.
*crossing fingers*


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