Horse Meat Everywhere

What the helllllll is going on since 2 weeks?

I can barely switch to any news. All I hear is: horse meat, horse meat, horse meat, … and comet crash, of course.

Yes, there was horse meat discovered. You found it. Finally. After controlling the meat before it goes into the end product. Great!
There’s medicine in it that can make people sick… or kill them. You managed to find out. Bravo. Oh wait… didn’t you knew already?

According to what I read/heard in the news, I’m pretty sure the companies knew all along what’s going on with the meat. There was also an interview with a famous restaurant owner who said they’re not selling food with horse meat, but then the delivery company says the restaurant orders the meat specifically for several recipes AND the boxes are marked with a horse – not a cow.
Which moron should believe people can’t tell apart a horse from a cow?
Appearantly all people who eat it cannot – and that’s actually the point. No one who ever compared the different meat directly with each other can tell the difference.

WHY do they need to write 100% Beef if it’s actually 0%?
Because it’s cheaper to buy horse from Romania than cow from a local trader…
Because it’s easier to claim it’s beef than horse as people see a horse as something else than a cow…
Because “Draap Trading” is an anagram for “Paard” which means “horse” in Dutch. *facepalm*

To be honest… we had enough scandals about food.
Instead of holding ridiculous European meetings about what politicians (!) should tell companies (!!) – which never works anyways – they could check, why it is not possible for such companies to keep their promised control levels. It’s not only horse meat at the moment, it’s also chicken and eggs, but those got pushed back due to the horse power! (Not talking about BSE, yet.)

Actually… I ate a product of one of the companies on Monday. I don’t know if there was horse meat in there or not. I don’t care. I ate horse when I was a child – it didn’t kill me back than, why should it now (except it had the bad medicine)? But as most consumers: I can’t tell it apart from beef, not without comparing it. I don’t need to. I will not puke up any food I had some days ago anyways.

But… as a conclusion: I had enough of that topic in any news. Yes, it is important, but don’t spend 10 of 15 minutes of news on that just to jump to some “random” stuff that goes on in the world in 2 minutes and back it up with the weather forecast. Geez.

Oh, this was the rant of the week 🙂


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