Cosplay And Carneval

At lunch break in the office: “Do you wear your costumes for carneval?”

I think, this is a question most cosplayers will answer the same as I did – with a definite “No”.
In my opinion Cosplay is something I do, because I like it – starting with the planning, sewing and finally wearing.

Wearing my cosplay costumes at carneval is definitely not the reasons why I go through all that time of preparation and sewing. The worth of each of my costumes is far too high to let it go to waste in a (drunk) croud of ridiculous people (sadly I can’t see carneval as something else… I’m glad I didn’t grew up anywehere near the biggest carneval strongholds in Germany) – I think most of “normal” people would say the same about me and my hobby, fair enough 😀

I can live with people being narrow-minded about my hobbies and weird touches, but after talking about the reasons why I don’t want to wear my costumes for carneval I kinda got annoyed… as I was repeating myself over and over again… meh, sucks.

Anyhow. People should decide on their own what they use their self-made or highly loved stuff for and my costumes aren’t going on any carneval party – never 🙂 Seriously, never ever.


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