Kyudo Clothes And Equipment

If you ever wondered what you need for Kyudo you will get to know it with help of this blog.

I took a picture of everything I own – except my bow and arrows as these are at my dojo and not at home.
Kyudo Clothes And Utensils


  • Gi – the upper (white) cloth I need to wear
  • Obi – a fabric belt which goes between Gi and Hakama
  • Hakama – the upper (mostly black, but could also be navy) cloth I need to wear
  • Tabi – the white socks I need to wear
  • Setta – sandals to protect the tabi to get dirty when moving outside of the dojo

For training I also need some other equipment:

  • Muneate – (only for women) to protect the breats while shooting
  • Yugake – a glove for the right hand, so I won’t get hurt by the string when pulling the arrow
  • Giriko, Fudeko & respective containers – I own only Giriko (which goes on the glove) as we have Fudeko (sand) in our dojo

Additional equipment:

  • Gomuyumi – a piece of wood with a rubber (this is used to learn the basics of Kyudo, as people aren’t allowed to try with a bow immediately)
  • Tsuru – string for the bow (I need one for the bow itself and at least 1 spare that is prepared for the bow – at the moment I own 1 for the bow and 2 clean which aren’t prepared for bow usage, my used material is: kevlar)
  • Tsurumaki – a ring where the prepared string goes in for easy transporting
  • Yumimaki – a protection fabrics for the bow

    That’s as much as you can see on the picture (including the bag for the Yugake and the bag for my Tsurumaki, the Tsurus and my Kyudo Pass).

If you add the things I got at the dojo there’s way more for bow and arrow:

  • bow – mine is a Renshin Ni-sun Nomi (2,24m), Glasfibre, 12 kg
  • Yumimaki (black)
  • Yumibukuro (violet) – a cloth that protects the bow from outside impacts and damage
  • Ya – 2 Makiwara (no feathers) and 4 Mato arrows (gobbler feathers) – aluminium, 2015, length: 103cm
  • Yadzutsu (red) – to keep the arrows safe, 105cm

So wearing everything necessary it looks like this (so neither bow nor arrows are min on this picture, the length is the same – the weight different as it is 14kg):
Kyudo Clothes And Utensils


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