Sentimental Stuff

I was writing stuff with former colleagues in facebook about gerbils and I said I would post pictures of my former pets.
So I searched my external hard drives for pictures and found them. I put some of them together to form 1 picture, but as I thought about the time I had with my little ones I started crying.

Somehow that’s pathetic as I thought I would be over the fact that I didn’t had a choice but giving them away as I got allergic on animal fur, but yeah… appearantly I got really sad about losing such great pets.

Sentimental Stuff

2006-2009 I owned a few Gerbils. I started with a male (Gin) and a female (Tonic) – both cute little fellas, but as I got wrong info by the pet shop I got them from, Tonic got pregnant 6 months after I bought them. 4 weeks before she got her first litter I bought a 3rd little one (Berry). After she got her first litter (2 females, 1 male), she soon got pregnant again as I couldn’t get her away from Gin soon enough and had a 2nd litter. After the small ones were old enough I gave her away with her 3 little girls :( Tonic was the only one that was really tamed and set ages on my shoulder or arm while I was playing games on my computer or PS2… she never ran away or around on me as the others did.

I kept her son (Ale) and put him together with Gin and Berry, but some months later Gin, Berry and Ale got problems with each other, so I need to give Gin and Berry away and got a new friend for Ale named Marik.
Some weeks later I got a 2nd group of Gerbils… 2 premature females I fed with cat milk in the first 2 weeks I had them, which I named Ceres and Ixion. Ixion was the first one ever to be able to jump out of the aquarium. She only did that once, but it was hell of trouble to get her back as she wasn’t trusting me yet. (Ale was the only one who was as trusting as his mother Tonic and even if Marik learned from that, I never let him crawl around for longer than 10 minutes. I couldn’t let out Ceres and Ixion as they never learned from their mom how to get used to humans.)

All was fine with my 4 gerbils until I got allergic on fur in 2009. I didn’t made a decision for months until it was really bad and I could barely stay in the room with my pets (which was annoying as I had a 1-room-apartment back then). I cried a lot back then because I was in need of a decision and finally gave them away to friends.

By now, all of them died :( 

RIP my cute little ones:
Tonic – Algier Fox (1st in left column)
Gin – Red-eyed White (3rd in left column and in 1st picture of right column)
Berry – Marten (2nd in left column and in 1st picture of right column)
Ale – Algier Fox Mold (1st and 2nd picture of right column)
Marik – Black (2nd picture of right column)
Ixion – Wild Pinto (3rd picture of right column)
Ceres – Wild (3rd picture of right column)


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