Tonight’s Dinner

… was a test. And awesome. Success!

Today I went out for getting groceries. I ended up with 12,5 kg of food and spent 29,25 € for that. Getting home was a pain in the ass as the roads are iced.
In the end I made it.

At around 4.30pm I got hungry and as I was watching “The Dog Whisperer” and not able to move as long the show airs (seriously), I went to make dinner at 5pm. So I wasn’t sure from the start what dinner would be, I was pretty sure it would be something that goes with my leftover rice of yesterday.

Surprisingly I didn’t need much time preparing dinner. I turned on the gas, lit the fire of one of the cooking plates, got oil into the pan and set the pan over the flame. While waiting for the pan to get hot (which doesn’t needs much time as gas is nearly instant) I prepared the 4 eggs and the 300g of chicken. After the pan was hot enough I put in the eggs and stirred them a bit so they would get the structure of scrambled eggs.
After cleaning the egg out of the pan I put in oil again and made the chicken.
Meanwhile I put my rice into the microwave to heat it up.
Tonight's Dinner

After the chicken was done I threw in a bit of oil with half of the Chinese vegetables bag I bought. Stirred them a bit until they got crunchy and got them out of the pan. I don’t like completely fried vegetables – I prefer them crunchy, which means half raw 😀
Tonight's Dinner

So now I was ready to eat, but before that I fried the rest of the veggies, so I would have a decent lunch tomorrow at work. Tonight’s dinner:
Tonight's Dinner

Tomorrow’s Lunch (in box – Japanese Bento style):
Tonight's Dinner



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