Review: Lost Girl Series 1 Episode 1

A friend of mine thought I might be interested in this kind of series, so I watched episode 1 yesterday.

After watching it, I deleted the episodes (1-3) I got from him… boring shit:
After 10 minutes I thought the series was made by the Buffy staff. After another 5 minutes I knew what would happen the next 30 episodes. The following 5 minutes I thought about making dinner (at 11pm!) and what I would have for lunch the next day.
I didn’t had any info about the series before, so I went into the story completely blank and got confused in the first 2 minutes… Who’s the main character? Why does it needs to start so lame clichee like?
Yeah… it started weird, it got boring, the middle part got even more weird and the end was predictable.

So what is it about?

The succubus Bo (what a perfect name for a main character, ironically, I couldn’t even remember it until I checked it up) doesn’t knows what she is (surprise) as she didn’t grew up with other demons, but humans. She kills people for her desire of whatever-she-needs (let’s call it soul) and moves from place to place (after killing people, of course) – that much info you get about her already in the first 15-ish minutes.
At the start of the episode she works as a bartender and a guy flirting with her puts something in one of the drinks, which he offers to her. She denies it and he’s checking for another victim, which is a young blonde woman that sneaks around, stealing the purses of the bar’s guests. She drinks and runs away to the elevator, followed by the man. Bo follows as well and while the girl gets knocked out by the drug (but not hard enough to not take a video of what happens…seriously?!) she devours the man’s soul. Bo makes a run with the (finally) knocked out girl to her hideout, where she intends to run away again, but gets stopped by the girl (which is actually not blond but black-haired) named Kenzi.
Meanwhile the corpse is found and two of the policemen, Dyson and Hale, have a hunch what happened and chase Bo down. They grab her and make a run for their own hideout.
Kenzi, numb by the powers of Hale (dang, how stupid can it get?!), takes a picture of the car’s plate and convinces her cousin via phone to help her to find the owner’s address.
Bo finds herself in the hideout of the Fae’s and gets a first glimpse of the leaders of the dark and light faction (which also have a chat about how serious the situation is, but how serious can you take someone that doesn’t really can act the situation? The light leader is a black blabla-guy, the dark leader a domina woman – again: clichee~). She gets a medical check and needs to fight against 2 older Faes to prove herself and decide which side she’ll take.
Kenzi found the place where Bo was brought to and sneaks in – trying to get Bo out of there (without having any clue what’s going on). Bo defeats the 2 older Faes and decides to not choose either of the dark or light faction, but the side of humans.
The girls get brought out of the hideout by Dysen and Hale and walk down the street. End of episode.

My thoughts about this:
I spent 1 hour of my time watching this? With already knowing that the next episodes will be about: Bo’s relationship towards Kenzi, Dysen, Hale and the female doctor she met, while she’s searching for the reason why she doesn’t has a clan or why she was hidden from the dark/light factions.
This bullshit is added with weird masks (that reminded me a lot about the masks I saw while watching Buffy, but at least the main character had a cool name!) and non-serious acting and fight scenes.



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