Dutch And Snow

Seriously, what chaos!

It started to snow a bit yesterday. 1cm. It was freezing, so it wasn’t nice to walk on frozen snow.

Over night it came down by 5-10cm Haarlem/Amsterdam Area. I woke up at 6am due to the reflections of the lights on the snow. I went back to sleep and woke up at 7.08am and got up. (If I would’ve known what expected me, I would’ve stayed in bed!)

I went to the bus, snow crunching and felt good as it wasn’t too cold or wet. I came to the bus station and waited for my bus when I checked the board: 9 minutes. O_o’ 9 minutes later it still said: 7 minutes.
In total I waited for ~30 minutes. Of course the bus was full with people, but it managed to get to my station where I usually switch busses in time. I had 1 minute left to switch busses. Enough time to do so, IF that bus driver wouldn’t had decided to skip the station. As there was another bus loading people, he didn’t saw that people wanted to get in so instead of getting behind the bus, he just drove further. Me and other people saw the bus, went like “O____O?” and waved him to hold. Didn’t work. Than a guy jumped in front of the bus. It hold. Bad thing to do, but it worked. So I ran to catch up. The bus driver close the door on me, I stared at him, he opened the door again, I said “Good morning.”, he just looked back confused (what drugs did he take? No, I don’t want to know).

So I started my drive to work. All would be fine, if the streets would’ve been cleared and people would actually expect it to snow after four cold days and – with knowing about the forecast – would’ve put on winter wheels. Not Dutch people! “It will never snow here! No way!”, That kind of feeling I get every winter since I’m here.

The road was crowded with cars that turned to snails – I could’ve walked next to the bus and even would be faster!
Through the city of Haarlem, onto the highway and even ON the highway to Amstelveen everyone was only driving slow… there was no accident, it was just snowing. A bit. And the road was white. You could see the black below it, but it was white. OMG!

In total I spent 30 minutes waiting for a bus and 1hour 20 minutes in the bus. (Usually I need 5 minutes and 45 minutes.)

I read a message of a colleague on Facebook after I got to work, saying that today is a record for “Worst Rush Hour in Dutch History” with a total of 1007 km traffic jam.
I think that’s accurate as the usual 20km highway only take 15 minutes instead of 45 and my guess about Dutch people never heard anything about getting up early doesn’t solves the problem of traffic jam, especially not if you don’t have winter wheels on your car and just snailing around.



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