When Mail Services Behave Weird

I was at work, mail working fine.
I get home 1 hour later, mail says “Please enter Password” …. me goes “What? Why?”, I enter it, it says “wrong password”, me “What the…”
As 2 of my mails are bound, I tried to type in the second mail address and password… to just receive the same result: “wrong password”.

Yay! Nice shit!
So I start to go through the process of resetting password for one of my mails, try to send Code to my phone, wait… Message doesn’t arrives. I send again. Nothing happens. 10 minutes later it appears. Wow! I reset my password, check everything else, press “OK”, try to login again, “wrong password” …. the hell?!

No kidding, I repeated that FOUR more times with the same result, then frustrated as I was I tried to login with my second account, used the same password as before… and logged in! Reset the phone number in my profile, sent code again… *tada* it worked.

After that I went to my other mail (as they’re bound, no big deal – I only need one working password to check/change all settings on either account) and reset the password again, sent code to my phone… doesn’t appears. Sent again… nothing. 30 minutes later: nothing. Same number as above. No result.

But now I can login on both accounts… I can even logout and login again and the passwords remain the same *lol* but appearantly the mail providing service had a lot of fun with my accounts.

Conclusion (and at this point I feel like a damn freelancing, not getting paid QA for that nappish mail provider):

  • The code sending to phone works only for 40% instead of 100%! Lame~
  • Why the hell does the services requires a security question when there’s actually no need for it?!
  • Why couldn’t I login with my passwords and suddenly ~30 minutes later one of the accounts works and the other does only after the 6th reset of password?!

This is seriously weird. And lame. And not worth the stress and anger level I had.


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