The War Of Ordering Tickets

Woah! I made it! I got my ticket… ❤

So for you to understand:

There’s this huuuuuge Convention in September. It’s held annually and a lot of people want to go there.
So you can guess, that finding a hotel for a good price and getting the tickets (especially those for all 3 days) isn’t quite easy. (Actually I booked my hotel room in October, 2012, when I got knowledge about the date in 2013)

Today the ticket sale started… it got announced ~1 week ago.
Today at midnight they announced a rough time ~1pm. They announced the real time at 1pm: 13:13.
Nice date and time: 13.01.2013 13:13

I was waiting for it… at 1pm the server had issues with loading the page, my Chrome had a delay of 20 seconds *lol*
After they announced the time, people were going crazy on the Facebook page and pressed F5 like maniacs.
13:13 the site crashed. People raged. The host said that would happen due to the use of caches. Weird that an incognito (unknown) session of Chrome doesn’t saves anything so cache wasn’t the problem – at least for me. But yes, I think it’s easier to blame dozens of people instead the own people *laughs*.

At 13:34 – after a lot of *F5*, *F5*, *F5*, *enters user name*, *F5* and so on – I was able to succeed in ordering my and the two tickets of friends. Hooray! Success!

I got time to pay until the 4th of February – enough time to receive the payment of my friends and to transfer my own money from my Dutch to my German bank account. And enough time to transfer it to the host of the convention, too.
I’m so happy and enthusiastic now that I finally ordered the tickets 🙂


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