Kiba Trolls Me

Kiba shows me his tongue, but the story for that… no comment.

Kiba Trolls Me

*headdesk* my snake is like me… QQ
Sunday is feeding day, so:
Step 1 get the mouse from freezer,
Step 2 get hot water in a box and put mouse in,
Step 3 wait until mouse is defrozen,
Step 4 get snake and put him in feeding box,
Step 5 clean the water bucket,
Step 6 get snake back into terrarium.

Step 4 was difficult today.
Kiba was waiting and came to the glass, I got his stone up to get the rest of him out of there, he got himself tangled on the climbing fence and didn’t move from there….
so I thought maybe he may let go when I put him into the box (half) and get the mouse in front of him….
that made him eat, but not let go of the fence.
Got some nice pictures (including one of him eating his mouse), but I was like: YOU’RE FUCKING WEIRD!!!


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