Training was fun

Yesterday I had Kyudo training again – the second of the new year and first with my usual pick-up arrangement.
The car was full with people and it was quite fun talking about the holidays.

When we came to the dojo there were other people and while we prepaired even more came in, so in total we were 10 people.

I took part in the opening Sharree as Omai (lead) and after my teacher sent me to practise in front of the Makiwara to warm up.
About 30 minutes later I was able to shoot on the Mato and I felt quite good – so this was temporarily until my muscles reminded me that they still exist 😀

Overall I’m getting better and confident… so I should give one of my sempais the credit for the thought of getting my contact lenses in after work/before training as I won’t be too afraid to shoot my glasses off while training.
That worked and I could concentrate on other things instead of my glasses – hooray.

Small steps to success 🙂


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