Kyudo’s New Year Shooting

Yesterday was our New Year’s Shooting at my Kyudojo.
As I never took part in that before, I didn’t knew what to expect – so I was really excited.

So first of all we started with the usual greeting, after my sensei held a welcome speech, which got followed by the traditional Makiwara ceremony and the 5th Kyu shooting on Makiwara.
After that the Mato with the symbol of this year’s patron – the snake – were installed and starting from highest to lowest grade we shot on the Matos.
I was last and after I finished, we were released into lunch break.

After the lunch break we got divided into 3 groups and shot competitive on a colored Mato. Although I was in the losing group, it was quite fun.
My sensei gave all of us some instructions how to shoot better and we were able to shoot 2 final arrows for that day. I was first and for the first time of the day I finally hit… twice.
That’s rare and I was kinda disappointed that I hit when it doesn’t count anymore, but it was a nice final for the day.
Kyudo's New Year Shooting

When we finished the greetings after the final two arrows of everyone we were able to get a present (only if we brought a present with us) and I received a book in Dutch.
My present was a selfmade snake plush and its new owner likes it really much:
Kyudo's New Year Shooting

We finished the day with all of us sitting around drinking sake, eating snacks and chatting with others.

It was my first time in another event than my exams and I really enjoyed it 🙂


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