That’s my newest Sewing Project… or was as it was meant to be a present for a random person at the Kyudo’s New Year Shooting. The idea of the presents was to bring something that fits… and I thought it would be fitting to make a snake as 2013 is the year of the snake and as such it would be a neutral present.


Hebi-hime is the name of this little fleece plush.
She’s 43cm in total (long of course) – the head is 10cm, the body/tail 33cm.
As I didn’t want to use scary colors (green, red) I used marine blue, gray and red fleece to form her and a piece of red fleece for the tongue. The eyes are drawn on and sealed with a pressing iron.
She can be washed in a washing machine on low temperature or hand washed (which is way better). I filled her with teddy bear filling, so she’s really soft and cuddly.

Due to her size and not planned she can be rolled up and therefore sit as seen in the picture.

I used 9 hours from the image of how I want to sew her, drawing the pattern, cutting the fabrics, drawing and sealing the eyes to the finishing stage of taking photos.

The snake got its name after I finished sewing, I didn’t had that name in mind when I started.


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