First Clean Hit

Yesterday I went to training and as being one of the four students there, my trainer had the opportunity to train me a lot… to the beyond it hurt.
But it was cool (bot that it hurts :P) and I got rewarded with:

My first 2 arrows locking 2 cm below the Mato (target) and my 4th arrow into the Mato (central black ring, lower left) which was considered by another student who picked the arrows as a clean hit as the arrow went straight in and didn’t dangle through the impact.

I’m so proud, so I need to train how to sit in Kiza. My toe bones were hurting from sitting on my toes for such a long time when I never practised before.

Next “training” … more likely event… will be hold this Sunday: the so-called New Years Shooting.
A lot of people registered already, including myself. Everyone needs to bring a gift for some person. I hope it’ll be fun, but think it will as I can meet some people I usually saw only when we had exams and we got along pretty well.


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