Cosplay is not about Attention Whoring

This time I read through some posts on Facebook and got stuck at a actually pretty much, but so-oh difficult question:

So, what do you think about skimpy costumes? Do you see them as nice eye catcher, attention whoring, courage or something else?

… the comments on that gave me the chills. Not because most of them were “You’re so awesome” bullshit (yes, of course the primary entry was meant to get praised – very well done… attention whore :D), but because of the narrow minded answers about Cosplayers being attention whores in general.

Actually in my case I cosplay, because:

  • I have fun creating and wearing it
  • I learn something new with every of my cosplays and other sewing projects
  • I make new and meet a lot of friends at conventions

For me it’s all about: learning by doing… while having fun.
I barely read tutorials – actually for cosplay stuff it’s never – as I have fun with finding out what works and what doesn’t.
I got dozens of paperwork at home with parts of my former cosplays drawn on it, cut out and sorted into a folder, so I can work with them anytime I would need them again.
Sometimes I check how other cosplayers (who did the same costume or similar project I plan to do) managed to do certain parts and I mostly google pictures and buy original artwork if necessary (meanwhile I own 10 artbooks just because of relevant source pictures).
Of course there are moments where I fail and am depressed because of it, but in the end I work on it, see it through and mostly the outcome really surprises me (sometimes not only in a positive way).

I don’t wear cosplays to show off to others, else I would be one of those “normal” cosplayers running after trends, which basically means: cosplaying what’s in (Anime/Manga) or what most of my friends do.
Even if I do “mainstream” cosplays, I either chose to do that before (by coincidence, it really happened!) or after the huge wave of all people who need to do it.
Usually that’s kinda obvious, e.g. at the moment/this season it will be: Sword Art Online (definitely) and K (probably).
So it seems what I’m doing is boring for some people… or not interesting, but it’s not all about getting the most pictures on website X 🙂

And in my opinion: a skinny person in a Relaxo (Pokemon) suit with lot of pillows to get the volume looks as weird as a chubby person wearing barely nothing.

So basically:
In my opinion, if a person looks nice or not (whatever they wear) lies in the opinion of the one seeing the person or related photos. Discussing about this is really old and will never come to a certain point of agreement.


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