Can’t hear that anymore…

Notice: You don’t need to agree with me on the following topic and I don’t mind if you have any other opinion. 🙂

Here’s the story: I watched TV on Saturday (big deal) and saw an advertisement for whatever-model’s-name-you-want-to-see-here-fill-it-in telling her story about getting “bullied at school”. My first thought was: “Really?”, the second: “How often did I heard that the last few weeks/months/years?”, the third: “Man, they really need money.”

Actually, as sad as it is: It is a really nicely working Marketing strategy.
I heard that sentence really, really often in the last few years and every time it was when celebrity X’s (I do not want to write names, you can just google “I got bullied at school” – there’s a list of most famous people who said that) sales, publicity or bookings was dropping. Suddenly after that it raise. Hooray~ everyone’s happy! Not.

At least I’m not. I doubt that really every person who says: “I got bullied at (whatever stage of life)” really got bullied or tells the whole truth about it. Getting bullied is cruel and I think not every person wants to tell the whole world about it, but if… than there’s a reason. In case of celebrities I get the feeling it is only for the publicity and to get some individuals (so-called fans) to buy their work. And it works.

I might be wrong with that opinion, but I can’t take people serious, who just cry their (fake) tears in some interview about how horrible it was to get bullied, while at the same time lot of people cry watching TV seeing that and decide to help that poor being with buying their work to support them.
Ehm. I’m getting too negative here? Probably yes, but the truth is: Many parents close their eyes watching their children getting bullied, but QQ about that poor adult (!) celebrity getting bullied at school. Where’s the sense?!
Shouldn’t you be more aware of the people which are near you, which you can touch than of people who you actually help getting more dollars in the pocket?! Wouldn’t it make more sense to care about the experiences of your child, grand-child, cousin, nephew/niece, whatever than about some artificial created person? (Yes, I see the hypes about certain actors, singers, etc as artifical created. These people are most-likely living a totally normal life when they’re not acting as Hero/Villain in Movie A.)

Just my thoughts about that (random) topic 🙂


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